Sunday, 17 January 2016

Mini Reviews

Some TV series and movies stuff I've watched recently w/ mini-reviews:

Goon: A slapstick hockey movie, not unlike "Slapshot". It was surprisingly good, imo, and not entirely farcical. Probably more interesting/fun to watch if you're Canadian and/or a hockey fan. (3.5/5)

The Drop: Great NY low level organized crime drama. Great late career performance from James Gandolfini, with some interesting twists. (4/5)

Making a Murderer: I was disappointed in this, (one of a very few, apparently), an okay documentary with some sensationalizing, but not great. I made it through 3 episodes and then just googled the rest of the story. (2.5/5)

The Following: It started out interesting, but too much killing and too implausible as a story about a psychopath, and there is such a thing as overdoing the surprising plot twists. That point comes when the viewer begins to assume that everyone is actually a bad guy.

Happy Valley: A really great BBC series about a frumpy strong but troubled police sergeant and a kidnapping. (4.5/5)

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